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Another Bike Stolen

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Nov. 9th, 2007 | 01:28 am

Well my bicycle was stolen again.

 Robin at Hilltop vinyard

This time taken from in front of my apartment in Munich while I was Berlin for the weekend.  This puts me at over 50% of my bikes have been stolen.

Made me think.

Munich: 1 bicycle
  • VSF Fahrradmanufactur, pimped out touring bike outside small U-Lock for rear wheel and frame.
  • basic commuter bike, unlocked inside a locked basement cage.  The log was scraped but it was the cage that was broken.
    3 months
San Francisco:
  • Kona Jake the Snake Cyclo-cross bike.  Locked in the hallway U-Lock and cable.
    18 months
  • Some Trek low end Mountain bike locked in the Garage
    6 months
  • Jamis Frame, old racing components.  Unlocked inside apartment (door was kicked down)
    2 months
  • Trek 810, basic street bike.  U-Locked to a bicycle rack left over night.  They cut through the bicycle rack
    6 months
Eugene Oregon
  • Shogun Trailblazer Mountain bike.  Locked to a chain-link fence post.  All the chain links were cut and presumably the bike was lifted over the top.
    3 years
  • rear SCOTT SE brakes stolen (parked at the back of school) front wheel and seat removed, U-Lock through front wheel, real wheel, and frame.
  • Handbars stolen.  Profile Moutainbike aero bars, XT shifters, dia-comp brake levers.  All the cables were cut.  Bike locked with cable through rear wheel and ulock through front wheel, frame and bicycle rack.
Bikes Not Stolen
  • red Italian dirt bike 5th birthday present, given away when I got a new bike when I was 8
    3 years
  • silver city bike for 8th birthday, no idea what happened to this one
    3 years
  • Trek 7000 (ZID), broke the frame at the chain-stay had warped metal on the seat stays and seat tube.
    4 years
  • Grendal (Old broken Bruce Gordan converted to cyclocross bike after being warped), left it in Russ's house when I left
    1 year
  • Bontrager Privateer Comp Mountain bike purchased in Chicago, still at Russ's house
    10 years
  • Lemond Propad Cyclocross bike purchased in San Francisco, still at Russ's house
    5 years
  • 2rad Mountain Bike Purchased in Munich, and still here.
    2 years

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Comments {7}


Re: I found it again!

from: bneely
date: Nov. 10th, 2007 01:08 am (UTC)

What happened to the frame number? And do you mean that the thief sold it to the shop at some price below what he wanted to get for it?

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Robin * Slomkowski

Re: I found it again!

from: rslomkow
date: Nov. 10th, 2007 08:59 am (UTC)

I think what happened to the frame number was when I purchased the bike they swapped out the frame at the last minute and wrote down the wrong number. I find it hard to believe this guy would change the serial number radically, but not remove any parts I or the elastic straps off the rack on the bike.

But yes the seller was holding out for more money than the owner of the shop had on hand. And took the smaller amount and was suppose to return for the rest of the payment.

This is probably my only bicycle that was stolen while unlocked and as far as I can tell it was left unlocked for over a week before it was stolen. It also is the only one to come back.

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