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Robin * Slomkowski

Yes my last name does start with "S"

Most of you that know me had no idea my last name started with the letter "M."  My drivers license last name began with the letter "S," Social security card, academic records, credit-cards, loans, employment contracts.

Then in 1999 I got a passport to travel the UK.  The officer in SF informed me that everyone had been mistaken and that my last name began with "M" and that last names can have spaces in them.  I was leaving in 2 weeks so I decided to put up with this nonsense, but she said, "You can only have a 1 years passport, because you don't have any supporting documentation for the name beginning with an 'M'."

So I have a passport that expired twice that I am still using and has a name that nothing else has, didn't seem like that big of deal other than I need to learn the word for "page 23" (the extension) in many languages to keep passport officers happy.

But now I want to get married in a country where name changes are illegal.  I am not sure what I want to name my kids, but they may get my name and I would rather it be the one with the "S".

Now name changes in the US are not that hard, you announce 2 weeks ahead of time that you are going to change your name you go to the court house stand in front of a judge and declare you intent.  And then post for another two weeks that you name has been changed in case someone wants to find you.

The problem here is you have to do in the county you are resident.  Which for me is Eugene, Oregon and it is not easy for me to get there as I live in Munich, Germany and work in Mountain View, CA.  So it becomes very expensive an cumbersome to get my name changed.

So instead I managed to convince one of vital records officers of Oregon that her predecessor had made a data entry mistake and to clear it up.  Now the cycle begin anew of ordering birth certificates getting an apostille and sending it off to Germany.

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