Robin * Slomkowski (rslomkow) wrote,
Robin * Slomkowski

Shaving with a Straight Razor

This is a little video I made for a friend in California as an example of shaving with a straight razor.

I have been shaving with a straight razor for about 5 years.

I find it the most pleasant shave I can get, definitely the closest.  I even nick myself less than I did trying to get a close shave with a disposable, and it reduces some of your household waste.  It is even faster if you are like me and don't regularly shave so you go from a couple days growth to super smooth.

I use a Dovo razor (current price about $90 in the US)
A long strop, long ones are nicer (but no longer than your arm)
high glycerin soap.

If you feel like giving it a go, I can share some of my experiences to you
Tags: dovo, razor, shaving, straight
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