Robin * Slomkowski (rslomkow) wrote,
Robin * Slomkowski

Duco Walk on Election Night

Took Duco on a walk this evening.  We went around our block and 1 further up as usual, bit was very lively for Tuesday tonight.

Babylon was hosting the Democrats Abroad party.  Everyone on the  east side street was American and everyone walking past me on the west side was British (OK there were a few token Germans and Eastern Europeans floating about, but not enough to actually be noticeable).

The party had already started before the first polls formerly closed!  Though the plan for the party is to go until sunrise when the closing poll results from the West Coast should come in.  That mood was more congratulatory than worried.  Looks like spirts were quite high for an Obama win.  They were already spilling onto the sidewalk projecting the TV onto a sail.

Today I will just post a personal one and leave my fitness-obsessing alone for a day.

Tags: berlin, politics

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