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New Job at Nokia

I am pretty happy with my new job.  The Nokia Gate5 office here in Berlin is fairly casual and personally responsible.  At least that is how I take places that don't have formal work times, but have goals instead.  It is great to actually get to see energetic and engaged people again!

We are working on location based services (Nokia Maps, Ovi Maps, Routing directions, location information, ....).   It is very international office and the business language is english.  I think Germans are the pluarity but not the majority, but I could be wrong on that.  7 people started on the same day as me in the office, so it is a growing office (as a search for jobs at Nokia in Berlin would lead you to believe.)

Kind of chaotic starting just after the winter holiday, but people are friendly and excited about their work which is great compared to several other German firms I have interviewed at.

For me it is 30minutes by foot from withing my apartment to my desk.  There seems to be a little bit of definition missing from my job, which is perfect because I am happy to sniff arround and make it up as I go along.

Of course it is only day 2, but there have been 0 unpleasant surprises.  I kind of expected to have to wait for all my accounts and equipment to show up.  My management is all in Finland, but the people that I need to work with on a daily basis are here.   I think it is going to take me a couple of months to really understand the products and the orginization.  It is big and ever changing.

They issued me a Nokia E71 as my phone.  I actually really like it and I am not paid to say that.  The battery life is acceptable, the keyboard is good, the GPS is fast, the performance is good (not all s60 phones are that way) and the default software stack is pretty good as well.  Though I have to admit having an unlimited data plan on a modern smart phone is really nice.  My pre-pay was usefull and cheap (about 6 Euro a month with about as much email and IM as I wanted)  But the web browser is pretty good (not quite as good as the iPhone) the email client has been improved and works welll with both imap and exchange.

I am even getting a chance to speak and hear German!  This may sound odd for someone living in Germany, but I really had very little reason to speak German.  Everything in writing needs to be in English, but some people perfer to speak German to each other at work to communicate faster.

There is a lot to do and not enough people.   I will see how I can make it all work.

I even managed to get my work-out in before work this morning and make it to my seat by 9:45 AM


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