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I look less like me these days and more like my relatives...

Ring on the Right Hand

I wear my ring on my right hand these days.  This is actually normal in German speaking countries but that isn't why I do it, my wife still wears her ring on the left (and she is even German.)

I have lost a lot of weight in the last year, and after about 30% some of it came off my fingers.  I was gesticulating wildly (as I am apt to do) in Barcelona and my wedding ring just flew off and rolled down the street.  I found it and switched to putting it on my right hand as it it is a little larger (I suspect it comes from being right handed.)

First Thing in the Morning
Hair Slicked Back Before Work

I look different these days.  The strange thing is that I don't look different in the mirror, only in photos.  I guess I look at myself every day in the mirror (but I don't see any more of myself than you can in these photos they were taken at exactly mirror height.)  The left is first thing in the morning.  I think I look like a female impersonator my eyes and lips are too big!  Well I also look more like my mom.  The one on the right is after the shower and after I have attempted to put my hair down.  I look a bit more like by biological father if he ever felt like looking respectable, which happens every now and then.


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