Robin * Slomkowski (rslomkow) wrote,
Robin * Slomkowski

San Francisco Bay Area

Well I am out in the Bay Area again.

Working at Flock HQ.  Mostly preparing for partner projects for the week, fly out Friday night.

Since it is so much cheaper to fly if you stay over a weekend.  I came out Saturday night and stayed with Mike & Margi up in SF in Beral Hights.

I tried bring 12 bottles of beer in my back made for 6 and two died in the trip.  So I had beer soaked cloths. (1 Koelsh and 1 Hefeweizen lost).

Sunday was fun.  Wound up going to Dim Sum at Koi Palace.  And had many misadventures navigating Daly City. (keys, cell phones, out of date directions, ...)

Johnathan, Brett and I enjoyed the sunny warm (for me, not for Californians) weather in Golden Gate Park.

I actually got to have good Chicago Style Pizza in SF at Little Star.  I tend to categorize Chicago style Pizza's into Giordano's (my favorite), Edwardo's, Gino's, and "Modern Chicago Uno's" (Uno's is generally credited as the creator of Chicago style pizza, but the chains stores out of Chicago don't serve the same product, nor does Uno's in Chicago compared to what it ued to make).  Little Star is a pretty good take on Edwardo's style.

So in case you havn't guessed the most fun part of going back to the US for me is Friends and Food.

At Elise's place (Elise, Margie, Mike, Johnathan)

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