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Bicycle Tour Beta Test

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Jul. 30th, 2007 | 08:34 pm

Well Taska and I are planning on riding our bicycles to Budapest for two weeks.  The planned route is to follow the Isar then the Danube through Austria to Budapest then take the train back.

This last weekend we did a short two day trip to test out our bikes fully loaded with two weeks worth of gear.

The trip was from Munich to Bad Tölz (68km aka 40miles)  It wound up taking us all day for a variety of reasons.  Some trails were very nice other times we had nice roads.

but we were following  a river up stream which meant up hills.  Also the path was off road, especially  when a short-cut was available.  On the way back we got some excellent Mountain Bike paths, which I am sorry to say my smooth 2.5 inch tires were not idea for.  The Ortlieb bags lived up to their reputation  keeping our stuff clean and dry despite getting quickly dunked in puddles.

We stayed at very pretty romantic hotel called Altes Fährhaus at the north edge of Bad Tölz.  Which had nice hot showers, delicious dinner, beautiful views, and relaxing deck chairs to raise our feet on.

In summary it was a success, though my shifting was kind of dead by the end of the ride (to be expected on new bicycles).  This distance was a pretty good comfortable distance to do in a day with fully loaded gear and varied terrain.  We are feeling our legs on Monday, but not too bad.  Equipment layout needs to be tuned (what is packed where) but we were not missing anything essential.  Switched out the back bag on my bike for a proper rack mounted duffel so I could get better access to stuff and added 2kg of additional camping equipment (ultra-light sleeping bags and foam pad).  We even got rain near the end on our way back into Munich so we could test our rain wear and riding in the rain, the results not bad with this configuration with full fenders and jackets.


For Bicycle Gear Heads

  • Steel 52cm frame (mine is Mt. Bike derived with a long top tube & 26 inch wheels, Taska's is city bike based with 28 inch wheels and a shorter top tube.
  • Shimano Nexus hubs, internal 8 gear for the rear, front hub has a built in dynamo and the light is auto-sensing for turning off and on
  • Full fenders
  • rear rack rated for 40kg (88lbs) with below rack mounting point for bags, front racks rated for 15kg (but we didn't carry that much there
  • Ortlieb classic Paniers (work great, stay on despite off road use)
  • Magura hydrolic brakes
  • Dog basket is bolted to the rack + zip-ties for stablization

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