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The Small Start: Germany

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Aug. 21st, 2007 | 09:17 pm

The plan was to start small, which was a good plan as we didn't make it out of the House until about noon.  I had lots of work the night before and so much of the final packing happend that morning.  My theory was 45km for the first day, just to stretch out our legs, check our gear.  I was more afraid of butts getting sore than muscles the first day.  Most of the ride was normal for a single day pleasure trip out of the English Garden.

The route through Germany.  Munich -> Freising -> Eching by Landshut -> Dingolfing -> Isar Mund -> Vilshofen

No Rooms

Marzing by Freising was completely booked!  I guess we were still near Munich in core vacation season.  We tried 4 places in Marzling and only one had rooms and it was out of our price range for what we trying for.  We had forgotten that German guides and hotels are based on per-person prices.  So if the guide says 50€ for two people it is 100€!  In the US we pay for size of bed and two often have times the number of queen beds is the same price.  After circling we finally decided to aim for something cheap in Freising.

It was close to cheap 48€ no breakfast for the two of us.  They accepted Duco no  problem, split beds, shower in hall, with the mount broken, slanted floor, and a toilet room larger than the shower room, that some other guests decided was for smoking.  The place was livley at night and we were next to a busy street.  Ear-plugs solved all problems.

No Hotels

The next stop was Dingolfing.  This time we stopped to check the nice city info sign and make sure we really could find hotels.  Some were on our guide, other in our GPS.  Wrote them down and figured out our plan.  Taska had been wanting ice-cream since lunch and this town was full of ice-cream stands they were everywhere!  But the Pension.....  Had windows open, had a bell, we rung it but nobody answered and the door was locked.  So we tried the mobile-phone:  no answer, tried the next place on our list, no answer, thrid place was the same way no answer.  We decided to check in person, found another higher-end hotel decided to go past it.  Got to the one in our guides, and the door was locked, went back to the fancy hotel.  Says closed at 14:00 on Sunday.  Door was also locked.  Finally we went to the central platz and started telephoning hotels.

The answer when someone finally answered: "So which hotel are you standing in front of?'  She explained that she was responsible for two hotels and one of them was near by she told us to call her again.  Well we found the Hotel and door was open!  Nobody was there!  We called again and they told us it was "terrible" that the door was open and that we need to go in front and close the door.  There was a locked box we punched in the code she told us, then pulled out the envelope she told us that contained a key.

By the next morning staff had appeared and served us breakfast and charged us the weekend rate rather than the quoted weekday rate.

No Restaurants

Well going to Vilshofen was much easier.  We couldn't find the first Hotel we tried, but we had seen signs for a Privat Zimmer (Private Rooms) and we decided we would give that a try.  The main house was full so we needed to stay at Oma's (Grandma's).   We walked through her living room and than the 2nd floor was 3 rooms plus a large shared bathroom.  That was easy, and finding a grocery store was easy.  But Restaurants were more of a problem.  Monday was held as the break day, the Italian place next to us closed, the Greek place on the main square closed, the greek place down the alley also closed, but the propriators were having a lovely fish meal in front of it anyway.  After several more closed restaurants in little allies full of non-restaurant shop owners sitting in front having tea and snacks with their friends we finally found an open Italian Restaurant.

The Privat-Zimmer was 50€ (25€ per person) including breakfast, Duco was studiously ignored.

The next day we went through the magic that is the Isar-mund where the Isar meets the Danube.  It is complicated twisting and upaved.  Taska does not like unpaved despite here 1 1/16 inch tires.

Lunch was fine Bavarian fare and the Matron of the establishment decided duco needed sausage, which he inhaled more than he ate and then it was time for the Ferry.  Which really was for only foot traffic and bicycles.

Finally we were on the Danube bicycle path (which is more paved and more signed that the Isar path) and we made it out of Germany and into Austria.

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from: digitaltaska
date: Aug. 29th, 2007 09:59 am (UTC)

One small correction: Vilshofen is on the Danube, just before Passau. The lunch with sausages for Duco in the Isarmund was earlier than the stay in Vilshofen (on the same day), not the day after.

Dinner on Saturday: Restaurant Olympia, Marienplatz, Freising. It was okay greek food, not very cheap.

Saturday night stay: Gasthof Peterhof, Mainburgerstr, Freising. 48 EUR for a double room, toilet and shower in the hall, not including breakfast.

Lunch on Sunday: Gasthaus Forster am See (NOT Hahn), Stauseestr., Eching. Classic bavarian food in a biergarten, lots of people on bicycles.

Dinner on Sunday: A pizza place on Marienplatz; I can't remember or find the name. Robin's lasagna was super-salty.

Sunday night stay: Hotel Garni Maximilian, Braeuhausgasse, Dingolfing. I think the weekend price was something like 76 EUR for a double room with private toilet and shower, and a quite good breakfast. www.garni-maximilian.de

Lunch on Monday: Gasthaus Grafenmühle (NOT Grieshaus), Maxmühle, Moos. More good Bavarian food, and sausages for Duco.

Dinner on Monday: An italian rstaurant Stadtplatz, Vilshofen. Pretty good.

Monday night stay: Pension Sagerer, Alte Fischergasse, Vilshofen. 48 EUR with shared (nice) bath, satisfactory breakfast. www.pension-sagerer.de

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